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Aug 26

Best Lady Gaga Quotes

best Lady_Gaga quotesLady Gaga is my name. If you know me, and you call me Stefani, you don’t really know me at all. – Lady Gaga

I talk about myself in the third person all the time. I don’t live my life in the way someone like you does. I live my life completely serving only my work and my fans. – Lady Gaga

I want my fans to love themselves. It’s almost like I want to hypnotize them so when they hear my music they love themselves instantly. – Lady Gaga

I live halfway between reality and theater at all times. And I was born this way. – Lady Gaga

I’m working on bringing the instant film camera back as part of the future. – Lady Gaga

I work very hard, but when God opens that door for you – when life opens that door for you, I should say – I think it’s important to be giving, to return the love back. – Lady Gaga

I am so excited to extend myself behind the scenes as a designer and to – as my father puts it – finally have a real job. – Lady Gaga

When you’re around me and really see that all I do is live and breathe for my work, it’s not strange, it’s just Gaga. – Lady Gaga

I don’t like celebrities; I don’t hang out with them; I don’t relate to that life. – Lady Gaga

Pop stars should not eat. – Lady Gaga

A record deal doesn’t make you an artist; you make yourself an artist. – Lady Gaga

So there’s nothing more provocative than taking a genre that everybody who’s cool hates – and then making it cool. – Lady Gaga

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